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Credit Card Processing with a twist!  

Proverbs 11:26

Charge too much for grain,    and you will be cursed;    sell it at a fair price,    and you will be praised.

Letting someone take needless income away from you and your business is the very definition of "Foolish".  Simply ignoring it is the sign of a business that will be taken advantage of.  In the case of allowing a processor to take more than what is above and beyond fair is a sin.

full service credit card Processing & equipment provider          a Total Merchant Services Company

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The big box processors count on the fact that you are a small business and will get lost trying to figure out the many fee's rates, the tiered vs. flat rate and all the corporate jargon.  I spent over five years learning the industry and experiencing unscrupulous providers.  Most of them run by boards and big business politics with many levels between who really owns it and the sales force who presents their offerings to you.  They have to get a piece every step of the way or the system will fail.  This is why Laura and I became a direct low cost processor with conditions that will help all businesses no matter how small they are.  Our country was built on small business owners and I pray that some day it will get back to that.   Our small family of six is no different than any other business owners out there.  We love God, our family, and the many friends we have made in this and our other businesses.  We strive every day to bring value to our clients, be fair and truthful in our business just like you do.   We thank God every day for you, our business owners.